Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Results from a Middle School Rock the Vote Elections

Okay, it has been a while and the election results are literally two weeks old but it did take awhile to tally up the middle school votes. At the middle school I am interning there were over 700 students that participated in the "pretend elections. The president's election was not close: Brack Obama received 508 votes (71.85%) and John McCain received 149 (21.07%). In the governors race the incumbent received 388 votes (56.98%), the challenger received 269 (39.5%), and write-ins received 24 (3.52). Another items for the students to elected the issues of importance: 221 (31.84%) voted that energy and the environment was the most important issue, while the economy followed very closely with 209 (30.12%), then Education carried 89 (21.82%) votes, Homeland Security/Ware carried 76 votes (10.95%), then Health Care received 69 votes (9.94%) followed by the infamous Other category with 30 votes (4.32%). The statewide election results of the "Mock the Vote" effort was also posted with Barack Obama winning 64.59% of the votes, John McCain received 29.92%, and Ralph Nader received 1.52%. Nationwide student vote tallies were Barack Obama 60.08%, John McCain 35.52%, and RalphNader 1.06%. Curiously, how much did the media play into this? I am determined to find out and keep you posted.

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